The Trail to the                         John Wayne Locations

The exact location of one of movie history's signature stunts: Yakima Canutt (doubling for John Wayne) in "Stagecoach", shot on Lucerne Lake at Victorville.

In the Footsteps of John Wayne

This Website is dedicated to the Filming Sites and Movie Locations of John Wayne. However, it is in no way associated with the John Wayne Estate or business enterprises. Go to to find the official website and to to find the wonderful John Wayne Cancer Foundation. 

"John Wayne was here" is a tourguide to filming sites and favorite places - it also tells the stories of the makings of these classics.


Saddle up!


This new book follows John Wayne's trail, from his humble beginnings on the Fox backlot to his final filming site in Lone Pine. The American icon worked on film sets around the globe. Locations in Mexico, Normandy, Ireland, Libya, Africa, Rome, Madrid, London are covered, along with his favorite vacation spots in Hawaii, Acapulco, Greece, Monaco, as well as the Hollywood hotspots he frequented. Anectodes revisit his famous scenes, from the meadow where Rooster charged in True Grit   to the exact spot where Sean Mercer chased the rhino in Hatari!  Production details describe how San Diego stood in for Iwo Jima, how Old Tucson was turned into El Dorado, and how Genghis Kahn ruled the deserts of Utah. Never before published photos present then-and-now views in this first of its kind guided tour for film location hunters and Wayne aficionados.