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"Location Tour" by Roland Schaefli: a tourguide to more than 350 movies in 17 countries.

More from this author: "Location Tour", the guide to the most beautiful movie locations in Europe. The first comprehensive tourguide to more than 350 films in 17 countries, from the classic movies to recent blockbusters. With hundreds of then-and-now photos, behind-the-scenes shots and detailed maps. Includes the John Wayne favorites The Quiet Man in Ireland, Brannigan in London, The Longest Day in France and Circus World in Spain.

The editors of the "Official John Wayne Collector's Magazine" asked Roland Schaefli to create an article about movie locations that have a significant meaning both in American history as well as in John Wayne's movie career. He had the valuable support of State Parks officials of Yuma Territorial Prison, Hawaiian Historical Society, Sequoia National Forest, Ghost Town of Bodie, as well as the Museum of the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.


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